Business Brokers — Hire a Business Broker To Market Your Intermediary Services

How long did it take you to learn the nuances of business brokerage?

How long might it take to teach your marketing team, when they aren't doing it every day?

Bill (partner in our firm) owned a successful business brokerage franchise, and earned certification as an intermediary in IBBA and as a business counselor in ICBC. He also worked as a business appraiser (IBA member).

Not long after his office ranked in the top 10 nationwide and he and some of his his agents were listed among the top 10 nationwide in personal sales within the franchise, he received an irresistible offer to sell his firm (with the non-compete that goes with such sales).

Although constrained by nondisclosure agreements, we have designed and implemented many projects for business brokers over the past decade, from logos for national franchises to local and national website designs to branding for M&A firms.

Our favorite? The M&A broker we have worked with for about 10 years. They hired us to market their own firm as well as some local listings, flew us to Cabo San Lucas so we could get the full picture of another business we needed to market, and recently flew to our city to review yet another business marketing project.

What does that mean to you?

  • We know how to stay in touch with potential sellers, keeping you at top of mind, so when they are ready, you are the obvious choice.
  • We know how to discreetly market your key listings, to get the best exposure.
Marketing services for Business Intermediaries

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