Want to be a webmaster?

webmaster (ˈwɛbˌmɑs-tər)
a person responsible for the administration of a website on the World Wide Web

Spend your time or spend your money. It's your call.

It's really easy for our clients to update their own sites, and many of our clients do that. After all, "do it yourself" is free. We provide dozens of tutorial videos and additional "how to" help files. (You can get to those pages from the Help & Tutorials tab at the bottom of every page on our website.)

Need more help?

We can do it for you, walk you through it, or provide additional training. (Sorry, but we do have to charge when we are spending our time on your behalf. Although we have fun doing what we do, this isn't our hobby… there are groceries to be bought.)

For your own good, let us help!

We're hearing about several of you pulling your hair out, because you are so busy with running and growing your business, and updating your website always gets pushed to the bottom of the "I'll do it one day" list.

We can't have our clients pulling out their hair, so we offer "webmaster service" in which we will make the sorts of changes our clients routinely need to make.

Just let us take care of those website tasks.
We don't mind. Really, we don't.

In fact, we kind of miss that cute little website we did for you, and wonder what it looks like, now that it's out of diapers and is walking on its own.

We can babysit your site on a regular basis, update your business Facebook page, send out your newsletter...

(Probably for a lot less than you make in your own business, in the time you'd spend to do what we can do a lot faster, since we have raised so many young websites...)

Think about whether you'd rather spend your oh-so-limited time, or your spare change.

Yeah, yeah, OK, y'all do it — my time is a lot more valuable than yours!

So how can I keep from paying you more than I have to?

  • Accumulate and send your changes and material in batches. You'll save a lot of money and we'll be a lot more cheerful. Changing just a few words on a web page might just take a few seconds, but we might spend several minutes logging in, getting to the right page, making the change, checking our work, and so forth.
  • Tell us exactly what you want us to do, and where, especially if you have a lot of content on your site! "Add the following wording on the page www.mysite.com/abc in place of the paragraph starting with XYZ" can be accomplished a lot faster than "We don't offer XYZ anymore so take it off our site."
  • Plan ahead. It will cost more for us to leave the cook-out in the middle of the holiday weekend to add your "holiday special" to your site.

Even better, sign up for automatic service such as your weekly newsletters, etc. Contact us to discuss.

By signing up for regular service, you'll get those changes made at a steep discount, you'll get priority attention, and you'll save your time, your money, and your hair.

Typical tasks::

  • text or image changes
  • adding pages or blog posts
  • post update to Facebook
  • add embedded videos
  • changing navigation items
  • changing meta/SEO data
  • updating favicon
  • deleting pages
  • routine site reviews**
  • rollback of pages
  • adding photos to a gallery
  • creating reports
  • assisting in creating of email marketing campaigns
  • format/upload email list
  • adding/updating email accounts; password resets
  • walkthrough email setup
  • preparation/optimization of images for website
  • adding catalogs/products
  • add/revise shipping options
  • changing auto responders and system messages
  • changes to web forms
  • creating/revising redirects
  • updating workflows

(Some clients have us do these for them twice a week, others weekly, twice a month, or monthly, and we price the service based on your needs. We routinely customize service plans for clients whose requirements do not quite fit these options.)

** - Think you might have a month here and there with no need for updates? Those are great times to have us look through the site and make changes to improve your visibility to Google, clean up any stray formatting problems, find and remove/fix links that no longer work, etc.

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